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MBTA System Route Map 1967

MBTA System Route Map 1967

Date: July 1967
Map Maker:
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Size: 24" wide x 24" high
ID: 14057
Source Collection: WardMaps LLC

Boston in Transit - The Book
Figure 9.30 - MBTA System Map, July 1967

The 1967 system map was designed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority for the MBTA. The map is square and covers a larger geographic area than previous Lufkin Format system maps (Figure 9.29). The larger area needed for the map reflects the increased size of the service area of the MBTA over that of the MTA. Colored lines trace the T’s rapid transit and trolley lines. Black lines mark bus routes. Black numbers set within white circles call out MBTA bus route designations. Black numbers set within black squares call out private carrier bus route designations. Thirty different private companies are keyed to bus routes on the map.

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