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MBTA Pass Pamphlet (Side B) 1977

MBTA Pass Pamphlet (Side B) 1977

Date: 1977
Publisher: MBTA
Source Collection:
 WardMaps LLC

Boston in Transit - The Book
Figure 9.36 - MBTA Pass Pamphlet, 1977

The MBTA marketed six types of passes in 1977. Type A was valid for twenty-five cent bus fare. Type B was valid for twenty-five cent rapid transit fare. Type C covered the forty-five cent combo fare for rapid transit and streetcar service. Types D and E, good for fifty cent and seventy-five cent fares, respectively, were valid for travel on all rapid transit, streetcar, bus, and express bus service. Type F, good for ninety-five cent fare, was valid for travel on any MBTA service except commuter rail.

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