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Car Card Advertisement for MBTA Passes 1978

Car Card Advertisement for MBTA Passes 1978

Date: 1978
Publisher: MBTA
Source Collection:

Boston in Transit - The Book
Figure 9.37 - Car Card Advertisement for MBTA Passes, 1978

1978 closed out with no fewer than seven pass types available. A twenty-five cent surface vehicle or a twenty-five rapid transit pass cost $9. A forty-five cent rapid transit and streetcar pass cost just over $16. A fifty cent combo pass sold for $18. The T offered two types of express bus passes, one with a fifty-five cent value and another with a sixty cent value. A seventy-five cent combo pass was good for travel on rapid transit, streetcars, and most buses, including many express buses. The highest value pass was a ninety-five cent system pass, costing just over $34, good for unlimited travel for one calendar month.

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