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BTD Annual Report 1927 Plate 08: Fields Corner Station

BTD Annual Report 1927 Plate 08: Fields Corner Station

Publisher: Boston Transit Department
Collection: Boston Transit Department Annual Report 1927
Source Collection: WardMaps LLC

Boston in Transit - The Book
Figure 5.143 - Fields Corner Station, 1927

The double-track Cambridge-Dorchester rapid transit line passes through the middle of the upper level of Fields Corner Station. Alongside the southbound rapid transit track are two platforms and two streetcar tracks. Alongside the northbound rapid transit track are one platform and one streetcar track. The station’s busway (shown dashed) lies beneath the northbound platform. On the station’s lower level, passageways connect entrances with stairways leading up to the platforms. Cross-sections (top) reveal one of the passageways and the relative elevations of the station’s busway, streetcar tracks, and rapid transit tracks.

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