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BTD Annual Report 1925 Plate 08: Maverick Square Station Plans

BTD Annual Report 1925 Plate 08: Maverick Square Station Plans

Date: January 31, 1925
Boston Transit Department
Size: 30" wide x 9.25" high
ID: 22629
Collection: Boston Transit Department Annual Report 1925
Source Collection:
WardMaps LLC

Boston in Transit - The Book
Figure 5.32 - Maverick Square Station, January 31, 1925

Drawings represents Maverick Station in plan (top), longitudinal section (middle), and a series of cross-sections (bottom). A pair of streetcar tracks forms the station’s spine. Streetcars entered and exited the station along an incline in Maverick Square. After entering the station and dropping off riders, cars proceeded into a loop at the station’s western end. There, they turned around before returning back through the station to pick up passengers and head for the surface. Rapid transit trains arrived and departed along the station’s southern and northern peripheries, respectively. Both of the station’s platforms offered simple, cross-platform transfers. At the station’s eastern end, a loop track allowed trains from Boston to turn around between dropping off and picking up passengers.

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