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Boston, Massachusetts 1842

Boston, Massachusetts 1842

Date: 1842
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK)
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Boston In Transit - The Book
Figure 1.40 - Mapping Boston’s Connections, 1842
Less than a decade after the first steam railroad arrived on the Shawmut Peninsula, a map shows Boston tied to the mainland by three steam railroad lines. The combination railroad line and harbor ferry of the “Eastern Railway” connects East Boston with the Shawmut Peninsula. The “Lowell Railway,” parallel to Craigie’s Bridge, extends from Cambridge into Boston. The causeways of the “Worcester Railway” and “Providence Railway” cross like an “X” in the middle of the Back Bay, near the “Mill Dam” causeway (now Beacon Street). Beyond steam railroad lines, multiple bridges and ferry lines link Boston with surrounding communities.

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