Cars are organized under contemporary MBTA colored line designations. Some vehicles operated entirely before the MBTA-era.

Blue Line / East Boston Tunnel Line and Extensions:

East Boston Tunnel Type 1
East Boston Tunnel Type 2
East Boston Tunnel Type 3
East Boston Tunnel Type 4 (0600s)
East Boston Tunnel Number 5 (0700s)

    Orange Line / Elevated Division*:

    Elevated Type 1 
    Elevated Type 2
    Elevated Type 3
    Elevated Type 4
    Elevated Type 5
    Elevated Type 6
    Elevated Type 7
    Elevated Type 8
    Elevated Type 9
    Elevated Type 10
    Elevated Type 11
    Orange Line Type 12
    Orange Line Number 13

      Red Line / Cambridge-Dorchester Line and Extensions:

      Cambridge-Dorchester Type 1
      Cambridge-Dorchester Type 2
      Cambridge-Dorchester Type 3
      Cambridge-Dorchester Type 4
      Cambridge-Dorchester Type 5 "Blue Birds" (1400s)
      Red Line Type 1 "Silver Birds" (1500s, 1600s)
      Red Line Type 2 (01700s)
      Red Line Type 3 (1800s)
      Red Line Number 4
      SOAC (experimental)

        *includes Maine Line Elevated, Charlestown Elevated, Washington Street Elevated, Forest Hills Extension, etc.